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Nothing fake about it. We don’t add any manufactured preservatives; our jars are 100% fresh at all times.

 We choose whole, fresh ingredients sourced from your neighbours, farmers and fellow Canadians.  Every one of our jars is made right here in the Waterloo region.

Every jar is made with care, from where we source ingredients, to how we hand-pack our jars, to who we work with.

How to Prepare?

  • Keep in Refridgerated 
  • Shake and Eat from the Jar
  • Pour or Eat (Hot or Cold)
  • Heat in Microwave for 2-4 minutes and Eat.


Tips For Taking Better Care Of Your Kitchen

Your kitchen needs to have the kind of atmosphere wherein you don’t find cooking a tiresome and draining hassle, but a fun and creative experience. There are indeed ways in which you can make cooking fun, and one of them is to take proper care of your kitchen. Here we have listed out some useful tips for the same.

Annoying as it is, this is a very important tip in a kitchen. Make sure that you clean dishes immediately after they are used, rather than waiting for a huge pile to form, which you might simply put away for the next day. Ensure that you don’t leave stains to dry, but wipe them off as soon as they form.

Assign a set place for everything that you use in your kitchen, be it ingredients or spare garbage bags. Keep the ingredients and utensils you need the most in the cabinets that are easiest to reach while cooking. This will ensure that it’s easier to find things when you need them and you don’t waste time and energy searching.


It’s very easier to confuse powdered sugar with salt, whole wheat flour from pastry flour etc. Make sure that all your spices and sauces and other ingredients are properly labelled so you don’t end up using the wrong ones, thus entirely ruining your dish.


Do not leave trash cans overflowing and loaded garbage bags piled in a corner of your kitchen. This will leave a very repulsive smell throughout the house and prevent you from wanting to enter your own kitchen. Make sure that you make it routine to take your trash out at least once a week and not let it pile up.


Make sure that once you’re done washing the dishes, you also clean the sink and scrape out any residual bits of food stuck to it. This will ensure that unwanted grime does not stick to it for good, thus making your job harder in the future. Also, clean the counters in case of water, soap or bits of food are left on it. This will leave your kitchen cleaner for future use.

Ensure that you never have to put off a chore for the next day simply because you don’t have the essential cleaning tools, have run out it or can’t find it. Always have your detergents and brushes and paper towels at the ready and complete the cleaning immediately after the cooking is done.

Finally, to ensure that your kitchen remains well taken care of, follow all six tips consistently, without slacking in between. If you let the dishes pile once, it has a good chance of being repeated the next day. Same goes for garbage bags left out too long. Following these tips on a daily basis will save you a lot of extra, unnecessary work in the future and ensure your kitchen always remains clean and inviting.

Eight Tips For Healthy Eating

Many people consider eating healthy as a chore but it shouldn’t be. Your body must be taken care of, after all, you only get this one. Slight changes in your regular habits are all that is needed to be fit and healthy. Here are eight tips on eating healthy

  1. Reduce Your Salt Intake

Increasing your sodium level above recommended levels (6g in adults) increases your chances of heart disease and stroke as it increases your blood pressure. Try to use low sodium products and try to cut out processed food as much as possible.

  1. More Fruits And Vegetables In Your Diet

This is an obvious one. Fruits and vegetables are an excellent source of dietary fibres, vitamins and minerals. Incorporate it into your diet as much as possible.

  1. Drink A LOT Of Water

Your body needs a lot of water in order to do its regular functioning. Do not deprive it of water and no harm ever came to anyone for drinking a lot of water. It is recommended by doctors that an average human male drink 3.7L of water a day while women drink 2.7L.

  1. Do NOT Skip Breakfast

Many people skip breakfast on the account of being late to work or think of it as a way to lose weight. There is a reason breakfast is quoted as the most important meal of the day. It is proven that people who skip breakfast are more likely to be overweight. Also, your body requires a lot of nutrients after a long night of sleep, so make time to have breakfast in the morning. It will give you a lot more energy and concentration throughout the day.

  1. Cut Down On Saturated Fats

There are two kinds of fats in our body. A good kind of fat (unsaturated fat) and a bad kind of fat (saturated fats). It is important that you try to cut out the bad fat or saturated fat commonly found in foods like butter, cheese and cakes. These increase your cholesterol and thereby increase the chance of heart disease and high blood pressure.

  1. Incorporate Fish Into Your Diet

Fish is considered a superfood as it has a lot of things you need in your body and very little you don’t need. It is one of the sole contributors of omega 3 fatty acids which are an essential kind of fat that the body cannot make on its own. It has anti-inflammatory properties and reduced risk of diseases like Alzheimer’s, cancers, heart disease and arthritis. It is also important in improving blood flow in the body.

Salmon, sardines and tuna are some fish that you can consider incorporating into your diet that is rich in Omega 3.

If you are vegetarian or you do not eat fish, there are other options to get your daily dose of Omega 3. Flaxseeds and walnuts are a great source of Omega 3 if you are vegan.

  1. Do Not Overeat

Overeating can lead to anything good. You are trying to force your body to process more than it can handle. This can lead to increased blood pressure and thereby increase the chance of heart disease and also obesity.

  1. Cook At Home

Cooking at home eliminates all possibility of using dangerous ingredients like MSG which increase cholesterol. It also eliminates the probability of over-eating as you know how much you will eat. There will be less waste and more healthy food. To go a step further, you can even try growing vegetables and fruits in a garden. This way you can be sure there are no harmful pesticides in them.

Hi, I am Alaster. I am a part of this place for almost a decade and all that I have seen is dedication and quality work. We make sure that every client who comes here is happy and feels healthy. That is the only motto with which we work. 

I loved how meal in a jar focused on giving and selling a healthy life style, opposed to expensive marketing to make the jar look pretty. It’s nice to know that I’m paying for healthy wholesome foods and that’s all. It tastes great, and though the jar looks small, it really is packed with a lot of foods that fill you up for a good while. Meal in a Jar tastes great!

Amy Johnson

Our family LOVES Meal in a Jar. In a busy household, we are on the go most nights for appointments, meetings and sports. There is no time to prepare a healthy meal for my family so MIAJ has been the perfect solution for us. It’s the convenience factor that works so well for us, not to mention the yummy recipes!

Rick Ableson

As a single professional who’s always on-the-go, I don’t always make the necessary time to plan and prepare good meals for lunches. That’s why I was very pleased to find a service like Meal in a Jar located conveniently at my workplace! Not only is it convenient, it’s also fresh and healthy, which is important especially at times when I find myself eating out a lot.

Mark Sicbol

Meal Jar

Meal In A Jar Inc. is a start-up out of Waterloo, Ontario. We started out of Mama Irene’s kitchen, and grew into a professional kitchen so that we could feed more people, great food! We want to make an option for you that you can trust is fresh, with no preservatives, and is good for you…BUT, that is also made with love. 

Where can I get my hands on one of these?

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